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Exciting News! For those of you in the Vancouver / Camas area we are meeting again in-person at the Breathe Wellness Company. If you are comfortable meeting with us in-person at this time then please join us at 7pm on Sundays. Plan on arriving ten minutes before to get settled. We will be following all current WA State guidelines and I ask that you are mindful and respectful of other people's comfort levels. I will be wearing a mask but will remove it once we are settled and distanced to lead the meditation. For now we will not be having after-meditation tea but hopefully soon. I will be updating our website with the latest details so check back here if you are unsure.

Note that we will NOT be meeting on Sunday 31st October (Halloween).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Walking Meditation [AUDIO]

Meditation isn't something that only happens seated on the cushion. There are many 'formal' forms of meditation, including seated and walking, but in truth any activity can become a meditation if we are fully present and aware. One of the great learnings from this meditation can be how a simple activity - such as walking - can become a powerful opportunity to be present.

In this meditation we mix a seated breath meditation with a short walking meditation. To guide us on our way we use some words and suggestions from the great teacher Thich Nhat Hahn. You can read the full instruction here. Thay suggests we use the following 'gatha' or verse:

(Breathing in) “I have arrived”; (Breathing out) “I am home”
(Breathing in) “In the here”; (Breathing out) “In the now”
(Breathing in) “I am solid”; (Breathing out) “I am free”
(Breathing in) “In the ultimate”; (Breathing out) “I dwell”

For those of you using the audio in your own practice there are three phases separated by bells. The first phase is a simple breath meditation, seated. We then transition to walking. If you are at home you can simply walk around your home, or out in the yard. If you are in an open area you can walk around and use a bench as your seated place. Wherever you are you should be able to meditate with us.

The full audio, including a 35 minute guided meditation is below.

If the embedded audio player above doesn't work for you, please click here.

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