Sunday, April 26, 2015

POSTPONED: Tibetan Sand Mandala at Clark College, Vancouver

According to the Clark College Website this event has unfortunately be postponed. They say:
Important Update: The monks have not received their visa yet. At this time, their visit has been postponed to an undetermined date and may in fact be cancelled. We certainly hope that they will be able to come and we will update here and at the International Events website if/when they are able to reschedule. (4/29/15 4:26 p.m.)
There is another opportunity to experience the creation (and destruction) of a beautiful sand mandala at Clark College next week (May 4th - 8th). Watching this powerful meditative form is a wonderful experience and we are truly blessed to be able to witness it. If you have seen this before you will know why I am encouraging you all to go and see it. Meditation doesn't only (or even mainly) happen on the cushion!

The details can be seen at the Columbian Newspaper here.

For a taster, here is some video of when the monks did this three years ago:

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